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How We Invest


We believe:

  • That the prospect of investment returns cannot be separated from investment risks.
  • That individual stocks and bonds are almost always fairly priced, and therefore only a very, very small number of investment managers can "beat the market" for their clients without taking undue risks.
  • That an investment advisor should be a fiduciary, and therefore should give advice that is neither biased nor perceived as biased by personal financial considerations, such as sales commissions.
  • That clients' investment portfolios must be understood in the round, and should therefore be managed as portfolios, not piecemeal as just an odd assortment of good investments.
  • That clients have individual needs, desires, and abilities to deal with risk, and that an investment advisor should address these through portfolio management.

We will, for our investment management clients:

  • Take into consideration your current financial holdings, your expected income or revenue, your investment and income needs, your tax status, and your ability to handle the ups and downs of investments.
  • Work with you to arrive at a shared understanding of what, realistically, you can and should expect from your investment portfolio.
  • Create a comprehensive investment portfolio that addresses your financial needs and expectations. This may even include retaining some of your existing investments, if tax considerations so dictate.

We prefer to manage your entire portfolio of financial assets. Because, however, our emphasis is more on the portfolio than on the individual investments it contains, we can manage your portfolio around a portion that you prefer to allocate to another stock manager in whom you have confidence. We do require that the manager provide enough information to enable us to evaluate his style and to fit that portion of the portfolio into the whole.

We do not recommend hedge funds, venture capital, private equity, or direct investments in real estate for individuals' portfolios.

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