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The New and the Old

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eabody River Asset Management reflects New England's culture of innovation and tradition, and industry and thrift. We draw upon rigorous systematic thinking by academic economists and investment professionals, and we selectively use new financial products and management techniques. We are discriminating in their application, and we avoid fashionable financial products that incur high expenses. Many years of professional experience have taught us that rote processes will not soon supersede maturity of judgment in the stewardship of the portfolios of individuals, who have complex circumstances and diverse needs. The combination of new methods and old traditions of portfolio management enables us to customize your portfolio to your needs and circumstances.

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Our Approach to Investing

The essence of intelligent investing is to achieve a balance of return and risk that is appropriate for the investor.


We look at your portfolio as a whole.


We believe in keeping your costs low.


Recent News

Investing in Art, Wine, Books, Maps

We have contributed a chapter on antique maps to the book Collectible Investments for the High Net Worth Investor. In our advisory practice, we have a subspecialty of advising on collectible items, and it gives us great satisfaction to have this book as a resource. Read the full text here.

Lessons from Madoff

Bernard Madoff has yet to share with the public the benefit of everything that he learned in his years of running what was likely the world's greatest Ponzi scheme ever. Read the full text here.